Hi! My name is Priscilla Rojas, but you can call me Coach P!

It was in 2nd grade when I knew that I was meant to move my body for a living. My gym class had a push up and pull up contest girls vs. girls and boys vs. boys; I won both contests and realized that I correlated physical strength with self – esteem. Throughout middle school my to-do list always included running, 50 push ups and 50 squats - I wanted to be strong physically and emotionally. In 10th grade I joined my high school swim team and we swam 2 hours daily after school.

In 12th grade I started weight lifting and this became my outlet for releasing negative energy and rebuilding my spirit anytime it was down. I fell in love with getting strong. All I wanted to do was be in the gym, lifting heavier, jumping higher, running faster and being a positive influence on other people around me. It’s true how they say to envision the life you’ve always wanted and work towards it because it will come true. My calling is to guide and support others with becoming stronger mentally and physically. To coach others through obstacles they're faced with and accomplish the things they didn't know were possible.

I specialize in hybrid training, combining elements of strength, conditioning and since 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across numerous special people who I’ve been able to successfully coach through individual fitness journeys. My passion for movement and the therapy that it provides has been rewarding; I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. That’s how I know that I’m meant to use my body and my voice to elevate those around me, and that’s what I intend to continue doing.